St. Paul Lutheran offers you the opportunity to streamline your tithing/donations by providing you with the ability to make your donations three ways. Should you have any questions, please call the church office. Thank you for your faithful generosity!

1. Your contribution can be mailed directly to the church at:

St. Paul Lutheran Church

1427 W. Lake Ave

Peoria, IL 61614

2. You can give through the Vanco mobile app, which you can get from the App Store or Google Play.

Apple Store LogoGet it on Google Play

3. You can give online through Vanco using the form below.

Vanco adds updated, secure online and mobile components to the SimplyGiving program that members of St. Paul have used for years to electronically deliver their contributions to St. Paul.  These new web-based versions have options that let congregation members manage their giving over the web, or make one-time gifts by credit card or by bank EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).  These options allow members who are comfortable with web-based payments the ability to maintain and review their contributions.

Using the Vanco form below

(Note: If you get “stuck” and can’t complete or correct an entry or the Add Donation or the Next buttons don’t work, you can start over at any time. Click the 3 bars icon ☰ in the upper left corner of the form, then click Give Now. This will unlock the form and bring you back to the first entry form.)

To make a one-time donation:

1) Select the fund you wish to contribute to.

2) Enter your donation amount.

3) Click Add Donation to record your gift.

4) Go back to 1) to give to another fund. Otherwise, click Next to move to the payment information page.

You do not need to click on the “One Time” box.

If a box pops up saying “Please sign in to set up recurring donations.”, and you are giving a one-time donation, just click “Cancel”, and continue on.